High standards of Safety with totally new equipment by SCUBAPRO.


Diving equipment

Trusting the equipment you are using is very important. This is why GoDive Mykonos has invested in reputable equipment. All of our rental equipment is by Scubapro, one of the leading companies in the dive industry worldwide. The equipment is simple, rugged and reliable.

Moreover, GoDive Mykonos is proud to announce its award as Greece’s newest Scubapro Educational Association Dive Centre – after passing the scuba manufacturing strict qualifications and standards in safety and equipment.

S.E.A. is Scubapro’s international dive centre programme in which each centre is “committed to providing quality diving experiences and is engaged in a partnership with Scubapro to ensure high quality standards are constantly met”.

S.E.A. centres must fulfill specific safety qualifications, organisation and equipment standards set by Scubapro. They are committed and required to offer very recent Scubapro equipment, serviced at least annually, in order to maintain Scubapro’s high level of performance for relaxed and enjoyable diving experiences any time of the year.

GoDive Mykonos has technicians trained by the equipment manufacturers who routinely service our equipment to ensure high standards of quality and safety.




Enjoy your trip/dive with our new 7 m. Mar-co twenty three RIB boat. Equipped with two engines, a primary Suzuki 200hp four stroke and an auxiliary Suzuki 15hp four stroke.

Air compressor



GoDive Mykonos has a brand new Paramina air compressor, providing clean and dry air of the highest standarts. It’s a Silent 15 TYPHOON model with a dual pressure storage system (50lt each).